What's up with the random maximum stamina values?

I am aware of mechanics like corruption and maximum water bonus (when your water is 100%+ you get a bonus of 9 or 10 stamina).

But for some reason, me any my teammate had different maximum stamina values after buffing. The builds were the same: 40 STR, 20 AGI, 40 VIT, 30 GRIT and 20 ENC + Elixier of Freedom (+20 flat stamina).

I had 199, he had 245. After some time, he went down to 198 and I had 200. We made sure to have 100%+ water and no corruption.

We did more observations and the maximum stamina values then changed between 197 - 200. Why is this so inconsistent? Is it possible that corruption may be bugged?

I think you already know the answer of that. Of course there is some failure with corruption. But good you take this up.

Because I haven’t even cared about it.

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