Stamina glitch after stamina glitch

Can we fix the stamina glitching? First is was the javelin and next it was the backspace/walk button…
When it comes down to PVP stamina is a pretty important attribute.

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Hey there,

You can report the use of any exploits or hacks using our tool Exploit Hunters:

You can also contact us privately using the forums, providing hard evidence on the use of these exploits.

but this is a bug is not a exploit. If you pres the walk button and you run you get unlimited stamina. Where is the exploit here ?

There has always been some stamina bug in one shape or another since EA. I’m surprised they didn’t just take it out like they did with other things they cannot figure out how to implement. Also the breathing bug…

when people use it as an advantage it becomes an exploit … lmao

it is impossible not to use it, is a part of game play, when you fallow some one you pres walk button (i use mouse 5) and manage stamina with shift this way you have free the finger i show you now,

you’re not understanding the exploit, you’re able to sprint with no stamina use …

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