Starmetal not possible to farm on siptah

Meteors going to break after using explosive arrows, and the starmetal orb appears, but i do not get any of it when „farming“ it.
Playing on siptah, pve private server.

What kind of pick are you using on it? Lower tier picks do not work on star metal anymore

Steel pickaxe, but that doesn‘t make sense. How am i supposed to get higher tier tool like starmetal pickaxe if i can not farm with lower tier tools. That is just digusting from funcom if this is intended!

Just frustrating

Hardened steel pick is supposed to work. It was mentioned in patch notes have no idea why they did this. @Bonney


Is there any starmetal weapons on Siptah that you could dismantle to get what you need for a pick .collect sorcerer heads perhaps purchase a better pick. By the way I did not flag you. @Bonney

Another suggestion is to use the Sorcery ability ‘Mass cull’ that’s pretty good and gathers Star metal.

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Are you using iron pixkaxe? I noticed that I have to use steel and up for someone reason

Yeah it actually makes zero sense why they changed it you should be able to get star metal with any tool just low amounts of it

I think some players just don’t want to get hardened steel before star metal. Either way, you need to get black ice before star metal. Some go all the way to the Frost temple, but I don’t recall something similar on Siptah.

I used steel. But i viewed the changelogs. They say they „changed it back to hardend steel“. I am now playing for severel years and as long as i am playing, it was always possible to use iron or steel tools to get starmetal.
The fact that this is an intended change is just ridiculous.

You can literally buy Black Blood tools or craft Eldarium Tools on Siptah now, so I don’t understand this “you’re forcing me to…” nonsense. You have more options now in game than ever before.

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It is similar to when they made us go further north and gather black ice to make hardened steel required us to learn the map more didn’t like it at the time but makes sense on Siptah black ice is easier to get than on Exiles. @Bonney

As you say, Black blood is not able to be crafted, and to craft eldarium tools you need to learn the recipe AND gather eldarium. If you are beginning on a new server with a new character (because oh surprise, character transfer is still not working) you work with tools which are easier to craft. There is and was no need for me to get hardened steel when i can use lower tier tools. So please don‘t tell me there are plenty options when you are just starting on a new server. Because THAT ist nonsense.
On Exiled Lands it may be an option, but not for siptah, so yes, i feel forced to now use tools i never needed before.

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