Star metal won't farm

i’m on server 1822. start metal nodes appear on the mountain side but when i blow the shell off and try to farm the star metal i get nothing. i notice the star metal node is not smoldering could this be a glitch. its happen serveral times. after i blow the shell off when i start using my pickaxe the star metal breaks up but i don’t get anything in my inventory

Hi and welcome. That’s not a bug thats an intended change.

You need a T4 tool or higher. For example the hardened steel pick. But the archeronain pick doesn’t work.


Thank you so much for your response. The hardened steal pick worked. i was getting discouraged. thanks again

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I’ll never understand why they made this change. People will be getting confused for years to come

It the pick is too low quality, you should get a hint popup saying so and the meteorite core should take no damage. It is a bit silly that you can destroy a meteor with a pick and not get any material.

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