Starsmith Artiness and Yarnery

To fulfill the “fanart” purpose of this cozy corner, I shall post arts.

For the moment, some crochet amigurumi I’ve made based on SWL!

First, the Flappy and Unuterable Chibis I made for 2017 Extra Life…

At the time, @MadLyric requested Smiler mechs and I said I would. It took a while, but here is a Prototype Smiler Mech 0.5

Then a little digital; my character and his wife in their wedding clothes :slight_smile:

More later!


Those Chibis are unutterably adorable! (yup, I had to :sunglasses:)

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These are awesome! The crochets are precious and adorable and I want Flappy so badly!! Your drawings are great and I can’t wait to see more!

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Those are lovely.
I especially love unuterables. :heart_eyes:

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Couple of things I did for Inktober last year…

This one goes with the shorty story I wrote Story: Infusion here.


I really like what you can do, Starsmith. The woven creation are great :slight_smile: I really like the sketches as well, brilliant :smile:


Thanks! I plan to revise the prototype Smiler sometime soon, maybe make a handful for Extra Life this year.

Anyhow, more arts, some pretty olden.
Quite a few of my character :slight_smile:

Dreaming Shroud


Excellent, Starsmith-ovelli :smile: All are really well done, but the last one, very shpoookie :slight_smile:


Nicely done! Atmospheric, moody, gorgeous color/shading throughout.

AND I WANT A SMILER MECH. :open_mouth:


Okay, so, I adore that Flappy amigurumi. They’re all adorable, but I’ve a particular fondness for that one. XD I’m a huge fan of the linework in your fist weapon, and the story’s an excellent read (though there’s a word censored in it D:). I admit, I almost expected at least one of the shems to tackle them in greeting. XD What actually happened was super-sweet, though. :heart:
I like the shading and expression on Mel in the one after the fist weapon (glancing from under the brim of a hat is tough to draw, but looks SO RAD), and I’m fond of how you did his hair and scar in the more pencil-like one. And the lighting on the one before Dreaming Shroud is so neat! :smiley:


I am both lazy and tickled by absurdity, so behold: 10 minute doodle of Montag and Petru accepting Ricky Pagan’s bike race challenge



It has been a moment. But I figured people here might like to see this. I never knew crochet could look like this, and when I found out I instantly had to do something about it…