Starting to enoy me


Having this bug, My feet slot, Whatever its in it, Are disappearing. And its random. can be between 1h or once a-day. For example. Now when im typing this. I lost x2 Silent Legion boots in 10 mins.
And this bugg have been with me on every server i play on… Starting to get really expensive and iritating.

Dont realy know when the bugg started. Maybe a couple months ago. Have
tryed reinstaled and validated gamefiles. Nothing seems to work.

Ty for your time regards Squid.

Welcome to the forums, Squid. Could you provide a few important details, so that Funcom staff can later forward it to the devs when they see your bug report?

Namely, can you indicate if this is happening online or offline, on official servers or private, and whether you’re using any mods (and which ones)?

See How to be a pro PC bug hunter (PLEASE READ)

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