Loggged on today missing gear

Game mode: mulitplayer
Region: north America, I am by the Breach

I logged on this morning, and all the gear i had on me is gone. Also fish traps stop working anywhere around me

Same. Nothing on character when I logged last night available. Armor, weapons, tools…all gone

Are you both on offical servers if i may ask? As i think i might know what happened.

It sounds like you got robbed…

I had this earlier in this week as well. I think for me it was caused because i logged out in Khitan cold resist gear (2 bar per clothing) in the desert. I think my vitality perks were not working while i was afk. After i logged on i put on another piece of khitan armor and went offline for 15 minutes. When i logged on i was looking at my Khitan clad corpse.

Did you guys log off in a place that was not suited for your armor?

Yes, official server

Yeah it sounds like it was either A) both of you guys got robbed by another player who looted your characters or B) what @Blyker said what happened to them.

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No private server and no PVP, and logged off in side our base

PC. Server 1732. Server setting prevent “stealing”. Inside virtual resident with door shut. Logged off 3 Aug PM no damage to buildings, with armour, weapons, etc. Logged on 4 Aug inside residence no damage, but no armor, weapons, tools etc.

I was in my base as well wen i died. But as i said cold resist in the desert wasnt smart.

Hmm. I would love to be able to try your gear fix, since I had heat resist gear on in the Northern Biome. But it was my one and only Silent Legion stuff, and I don’t have the resources to make again

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