Random Spawn in desert. Armor and Weapons gone

Hi, I just randomly spawned in the desert with zero equipment.
I logged out in our well secured base.
I murdered myself and went back to my bed.
The base is alright but there is no corps of mine I could loot.
This is really really frustrating guys!! I mean, the “normal” bugs are frustrating too but this…
I actually lost my silent legion armor and both weapons!
Can an admin please give it back to me? I am playing on the official PVP server #1058.
I am not willing to acept this as a normal bug anymore! This sucks so hard.
Could an admin pelase contact me?
Thanks and best regards,

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Happened to me too, 5 min after getting my first tattoo

Happened 3 times , lost anything… Im done really, i will put all my stuff in a chest before log out …

Happended to me 2…

logged out yesterday as usual safe in one of my bases and today when i logged in i got spawned in desert and everything was gone.

had a bunch of legendaries,silent legion and epic armors AND 55 explosives on me and all the stuff is gone and im truly pissed of.

this is not something u can refarm in a few minutes it actually is really time consuming and this whole thing just sucks.its not just that the “normal” bugs are enough,no there always has to be something more annyoing to come.

dont release the damn game like other developers do when u are unable to make it run normally,it just makes the community even more pissed and people actually leave cause of this and this is going on since the early accsess release.

get it together funcom or soon the servers will be empty…

Get used to losing all your stuff through no fault of your own. It’s gonna happen a lot.

That happened to me, I make sure to eat and drink to full and place everything including the stuff in my radial menu into a box before I log.

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