Always spawn in the dessert

i remember this glitch was still a thing almost a year ago. Its really retarded that you logout in your base and you spawn in the desert and you have lost all the stuff you had on you before logging out.

Same happens here too.

Apparently i die for some reason while in my base, but when i die i allways ress in desert, and there is no body at my base.

Happened while i was afk in base.

Also happened while logged out of the game.

This occur once in 10 times id say, mostly if i am afk to long and the game kicks me for afk reasons it seems.

The annoying thing is to not have a body at base, when there is no other bodys anywhere on the map to regain your stuff, im happy i allways build using the medium armor and its easy to rebuild, but it would be devestating if i had some once lucky loot legendary equipped.

It may be that the afk timer kicks you and the game still think youre in game, so you starve/thirst to death, but that wouldnt explain why there is no body arround.