Log out in base log in to desert no body

Game mode: Online
Problem : Death after safe logout
Region: US

Repeated, no pattern, unpredictable death sometime after safely logging out from game. No body, marker, complete inventory loss. Had tried complete empty of inventory prior to logout with some success, also keeping sandmask on in affected regions. Most recent, last night logging out from volcano base, no issues. Login this morning to desert, no marker, empty inventory, in desert.

Makes for extremely difficult PVP play. Complete loss on multiple occasions slows advancement to a crawl. PS4 platform, non pro machine.

Have also experienced the bug where body is not visible to self, only other players, and only if I am out of the area, and similar crash bug where death marker shows up in Highlands. Location registers as extremely hot - as if body has fallen through map.

Help? Suggestions? Comped gear? (Ha!)

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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I’ve made a post about this same thing a couple months back.

What it boils down to is, with Vitality Perk 3, giving passive health regen. It doesn’t work properly when you are logged out. Gear, or no gear. If you are in any region that will give you a type of extreme condition, as soon as you log out or your game crashes you will start to take damage.

Used to live in the most northern part of the Snow Biome, I know the pain you’re going through… I’ve said it before, I have lost more things due to the game, than actual PvP loss. Frustrating beyond belief

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Another thing mentioned… I haven’t tested this out since I was on my old server, but…

Say your game crashes, and you come back to your exact point after spawning in the desert… Invisble body glitch, try taking a pick or skinning knife or something of the sort. I personally used the skinning knife, and had some success at retrieving lost items… But not everytime.


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