Spawn on the desert after login and more

after change PC on which im playing game spawn me on desert with out my stuff, its ok, but when i will use again my laptop it happend again?
and the second problem, i can’t pick any tools, it start today. i cant hold im my hand nothing, sword, pickaxe, torch… it’s not possible to play, can you help.
I’m plaing on official serwer 1127PvP.

Hi there,

For the issue of spawning in the desert more, you will now spawn in the desert after 5 failed attempts to load into a server. This was done to help players who had entered into a crash loop in certain areas of the map to be able to play.

As for the weapon issue, this is a known issue currently. That being said, I have seen on the forums that equipping a bow will sometime help with this issue. Can you please try this to see if it works? Thank you.

What about occurrences where I’m not crashing? Every single day I’ve logged in I’m naked and in the desert. I log off in my base, on a PVE server, without being purged, yet I wake up naked. What’s worse is all of my gear I had on my body despawns while I’m asleep, and this particular time I was wearing my brand new silent legion armor set. This is my first sandbox game I’ve ever played and enjoyed, and I’ll likely put the game down permanently if the situation isn’t corrected. I cannot believe that this was intended as some sort of functionality within a survival style game, considering there’s enough things trying to kill you already. ANY help on this matter would be encouraged.

@Mashmellow It is also important to note, that in almost any other game where bugs and errors like this occur, the GMs and the like compensate by supporting the players and, when honorable, acknowledging and returning anything lost due to the “game’s” error.

I’m sorry for the confusion. I just learned about a bug with the game where you will die as soon as you log in. I can recommend that you store all items in a storage chest or other container before logging off the game. This issue is currently being worked on right now. I do not know when the update will be issued to fix this bug at this time.

As for compensation, I do not have the authority or the ability to do this in any capacity. Customer Support is also unable to return any lost items at this time. You can get a refund for the game through the retailer that you bought the game from. If you feel that this is wrong, you can also email in at and we can review your claim further.

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