Dlc outifits broke again

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#officiel server
#new update

Dlc shoes

I punctured my shoes.

the last update was intended to fix cosmetic bugs.

not make other problems @Mayra hey pls help

Greetings Exiled,

Can you, please, confirm the name of the set your using on the example?

Could you also let us know if this is only happening on the shared set, or if you’re seeing this on other sets as well?


false alarm sorry.

it’s a weird bug that doesn’t always happen.

after leaving and returning to the server, it was fixed.

when I have more information about this bug I will say everything.

The name of the outfit it’s (Pictish Warchief Boots)

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Was your thrall swimming right before? (i’m assuming its your thralls feet)

Yes . possible that the feet of the slave float.

after its teleportation on my position

I had a thrall turn red and her breasts popped out of her turanian heavy after swimming. So it appears that might be relavent. Mine also corrected after relog.

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maybe they are planning to make tearable clothes :laughing:

Dont threaten me with a good time…

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Ohhh with who ? :laughing:

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