Rough Timber Set

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Bazaar
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Cult ofthe Pantsu
Mods: Pippi, Hosav’s Custom UI, DawnWorld, LevelingExtension, Emperlight, 75% More Women, Immersive Armor, Northern Timber, Buttermilk_Body, Evils Cabinet, Fashionist, Better Thralls, Savage Steel, RA: Fantasy Extension, RA: Character Customization, RA: Visual Tweaks, GrimProductions, People of Hyboria, Akuba’s Salaon, Barbarian Barber, Less Building Placement Restrictions

Bug Description:

I bought the Rough Timber pack in the bazzaar and I didn’t get access to all the pieces, only some of the doors/doorframes and windows. I don’t get the interior walls or anything. Not sure if it’s oops or not, but I can’t even use Admin controlls to spawn the stuff in. Just give the error one gets when you dfon’t have access to the stuff.

Note: I still can’t use the stuff on an unmodded single player game.

Bug Reproduction:

Purchase the pack in the store?

Greetings Ze_Goblin!
Welcome to our forums and thank you for reporting your situation regarding the Rough Timber set.

In order for our team to properly assess the issue, could you please send us a screenshot of the referred set you bough in the shop please?

Thank you in advance!

Sorry for late reply. I didn’t get notified in my emails like it was suppose to when responded too.

Only way I could figure out a way to screen shot it from my knowledge tab as I don’t know of a way to take a picture of past bazaar purchases… but yeah. I got the Rough Timber set and well, then later found out as said it didn’t unlock all of the rough timber stuff. Unless I’m misunderstanding what all came in that set, which is entirely possible.

Thank you for your screenshots Ze_Goblin!

I can see indeed that you have acquired the Rough Timber set in your Ancestral Knowledge. When you equip the Construction Hammer you cannot craft these pieces?

Could you send as a screenshot of those pieces in your Construction Hammer menu please?

Thank you in advance!

Alright gonna have two images of the full list of what I can make in the sand stone area of the building hammer.


Now to be thorough I’m gonna show images of each piece for the Rough Timber stuff.


Now what I found in the Admin panel. Narrowed down to just the rough timber stuff to make it easier.


There is everything.

Thank you for the detailed images Ze_Goblin!

Our team is already looking at this issue and investigating what went wrong in order to fix it as soon as possible.

Please keep an eye on our forums for further updates and announcements.
Thank you once again for reaching out to us!

Not sure why this would need further investigating as you have everything that is currently available in “Sandstone Set 2” from the Bazaar. It’s not a bug.

The other items you see in the admin panel are part of “Sandstone Set 1” which is not yet available on the Bazaar.

Once “Sandstone Set 1” will be available for purchase, it will include the Rough Timber Stairs, Rough Timber Ceiling and Foundation, Rough Timber Doorframe, Rough Timber Interior Wall/Wall Wide/Wall Window, as well as Flat Thatch Roof and Thatch Sloped Roof with Window.

The store shows you all items that are included in the set you can purchase, each item for “Sandstone Set 2” is listed. You might find other items on the admin panel that are not in the game/Bazaar yet, but that doesn’t mean you should have access to them. Hope that clarifies things.


There was nothing called Sandstone set 1 or 2. What I purchased was simply called Rough Timber Set. There was no 1 or 2 after it. Which implies there isn’t other sets.

Also, for it showing what you get. Not always. Serveral times when looking at things when you click on it it just constantly shows up blank with the only thing there is the back button.

Apologies, just hoped to clarify what was seemingly confusing here. It’s also not very helpful that you can’t see everything you have bought on the Bazaar, which would of course help. I’m aware the smaller items often show empty images, but I believe this set was displaying correctly. By the way, never heard of a Rough Timber Set - below are screenshots from the Bazaar with the Sandstone Set 2 you (I presume) purchased.

In any case, the store in general could benefit from clearer item descriptions and overview of items on offer and purchased - which would hopefully avoid further confusion in future.

Hmm is possible things derped on my end because I have multiple language formates for my machine. Though yeah with the Bazaar most of hte time I get a blank screen when I click on things.

Though I am confused as to why you see that set when I don’t see it on the Bazaar at the moment. I got the set when the update first came out. So currently this is what I see:

I guess the bazaar doesn’t show the same for everyone.

I took the screenshots when the set was available during one of the first store rotations, I can’t see it at the moment either anymore as they rotated new items into the store. I believe everyone sees the same items on offer.

Since there’s currently no real way to see items that were on previous rotations anymore - or easily figure out which items belong to which set, taking screenshots is the only way to have a record.

Language or even platform might of course be a potential reason, everything is possible. So far only the 2 smaller item sets in the lower right corner have shown blank detail pages for me, all others usually displayed correctly.

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