Statuette of the Warmaker/Archivist/Priest King icons are swapped

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

The Statuette’s of the Warmaker, Archivist and Priest do not match their icons. I noticed this on both an online server and my singleplayer, when I spawn them to use as decoration. Not sure if the names are correct even, as for example the one showing the icon of the one holding the sword is called the Archivist, instead of the Priest King (which is the only one ingame that actually holds a sword. Even the Warmaker would make more sense receiving that sword-holding-statuette than the Archivist, lore wise).
As it stands it goes like this:

“Statuette of the Priest King” item —> icon: holding a closed book—> Spawns statue holding an open book
“Statuette of the Archivist” item ------> icon: holding a sword —> Spawns statue holding a closed book
“Statuette of the Warmaker” item ----> icon: holding an open book —> Spawns statue holding a sword

I hope what I’m saying is understandable, if not, I can always try to create a video to illustrate it, but show be a “fairly easy to reproduce” bug by yourselves.

Edit: Also on a related note, are they supposed to be damaged as soon as they are placed, and not say which materials they need for us to repair them, thus making it impossible to put them back in the inventory? The HP overs at 250/250 for a second before it goes down to 0/250. Non-movables usually don’t do this, nor they even have the option to get back in inventory.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Spawn the statuette’s on Admin mode.
  2. Try to place them and you’ll see that a different statuette one will appear other than the meant icon.
  3. Notice how all 3 of them are swapped between themselves.

Hello @Mavelle, thank you for your submission!

This particular issue should be fixed in the upcoming update, which should become available soon:

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