[Steam] Funcom Launcher - Suggestion - Remove Auto-Load/Play of Videos - Dec. 2021


there isnt an own general category about Funcom and its Launcher, so I am posting it here.

Please implement an option into your Launcher to prevent auto-loading and auto-playing these useless, annoying and bandwidth eating YouTube videos.

It is already massively annoying to block all auto-loading and auto-playing clips and videos within the WWW, in where not even uBlock Origin helps. I also dont need it on any Launchers which ruins fun before I even started to play…

Forcing unliked load-ups and auto-play clips and videos should not be tolerated!




Hey there,
thanks a bunch for listening and please forgive my rant. The clips don’t automatically load up and start on your Launcher (v 1.0.297423) anymore. I appreciate that.

GG and CYA!

Best Regards,

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Or you can bypass the launcher by using the local exe, more settings for the launcher won’t hurt though.


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