Hello EVERYONE! This is my first post ever :)

I’ve been playing Conan off and on, it’s one of those games whose updates makes it worth the time.

Now I’ve seen FunCom poking the proverbial consumer lion with the announcement of a new launcher. I generally side with these players but I’m willing to give it a chance IF I no longer need to edit the ini so that the cinematics don’t launch. It’s aggravating that no amount of mouse clicking or pressing the ESC button stops it from playing.

I would suggest to put this launcher first on the test live client only. If it solves my problem of having to view the cinematic over and over again every time I play the game without much added time, then I may like it.

Otherwise this is a great replayable game.

Thank you FunCom.


Welcome aboard and I like your suggestion!

Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

The launcher is currently only available on the TestLive client. The live client still launches the old way.

It does for me. From what I’ve read on the forums, it looks like the game is loading the other stuff it needs while the video is playing. As long as that stuff isn’t loaded, the video cannot be interrupted, but that’s because the game literally can’t show you anything useful until that loading is done.

The explanation I read also said that as long as the loading is in progress, there will be three dots in the lower left corner; once those disappear, you should be able to interrupt the cinematics. I haven’t been able to test this thoroughly because the loading process is extremely short on my computer. Someone else would have to correct me here if I’m wrong.

My son is running a sub-minimum rig for now and I can try to test this when I get home.

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