STEAM : Many achievement not unlocking


50% artifacts keeping 0/6
100% artifacts keeping 0/12
5 weapons at level 3 keeping 0/5
Full mutations
Zone master keeping 0/35

Those 5 success not unlocking ! not working at all

What should i do ?
PC - STEAM version

Started many games, same problem


Hey @asart!

Are you saying the achievements aren’t unlocking as intended, or that the game isn’t keeping track of your progress?

Did you buy the game on Steam or someplace else?


Not unlocking cause it keeps on position 0/xxxx
Other achievements are going well like lightning chain getting 4/10
An others are unlocked
i finished the game so …:frowning: WTF

Just those 5 not mooving ^^ so its not a prblem of key (got the steam key in the monthly bundle)
My friend got the same bundle, an achievements go all good; problem is linked to my account i suppose ^^

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