Pripp side quest issue and achievement issues

So I finished the game, alongside Seed of Evil and I only got 4 informations from Pripp and my achievement is blocked.
I did them pretty fast after getting them. Is this a bug or did I fail somehow?

PC version + steam

Another achievement that’s bugged is Freak Out! I have 5 characters maxed out (stats + upgraded mutations) and Steam shows 1/5

Hello @trikk, welcome to the forums!

The achievements are working as several players have gotten them through Steam, as you can verify on the global achievements list.

It’s still possible you might have stumbled into some sort of issue, of course, which is why we’d need your latest save for us to look into, could you please upload it to a filesharing service and share the link with us?

Be sure to break the link with a few spaces otherwise the forum won’t allow for it as you’re a new user.


Thanks for the answer! I assumed it’s not a global bug and I might have messed something up but maybe at least the devs will have some fun time investigating this :smiley:

https :// s/sh1od0h4wtb2b0c/Slot6. sav?dl=0

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any news about this one? :slight_smile:

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