Steam Skinflint achievement not working?

I have 700+ scrap collected but Skinflint achievement does not unlock. Wanted to upload screenshot but new users are not allowed?

Send me the image and I can post it for you.

I sent you a PM.

where would you like me to send it to?

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doniguana’s screenshot:


Cheers, so how do we get one of the developers to look at this post?

Hello @doniguana, welcome to the forums!

According to Steam’s global achievement stats, all achievements are unlockable:

Could you share more details on your current playthrough, such as its settings and how far you’re into the game?

Hi Hugo,

Thanks for replying. I have seen all achievements are unlockable although 2.2 percent for an easy achievement seems awfully low. I have seen now however that the icon is green most likely meaning it is a dlc achievement. Question now is if I would need to get 600 since starting the dlc or need to get below 600 first. I will experiment a bit with this.

To answer your questions I have just started out on the dlc. I am playing on hard difficulty without ironman.

Ok so let me give the solution to my own question. This achievement is only available with the dlc.
Thanks Rephaim and Hugo for helping me to get to this conclusion.


I’m glad I could assist. Happy Hunting!

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