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Haven’t been on the forum for a while, I was wondering if you guys (funcom) are jumping on the steamdeck bandwagon…
I play single player and private servers without battleye(on linux), works smooth(audio glitches sometimes, but nothing problematic), but I noticed a post of mine asking about bypassing your launcher because it’s not “fetching/reading” properly the configation coming from steam/proton, but it was removed by one of the moderator like I was commiting some crime or something…(apologies if it was just a cleanup and I got the wrong impression)
There is on the forum another topic on how to run an old custom built proton with battleye and getting it working (6.2 eggroll custom build) but now there’s official battleye support in proton 6.3.

So my question could also be if I can write about it here without getting deleted from the forum or worse…

Thank you for your time.(and of course I’ll understand if you say that you don’t officially support it, i just don’t want to get banned from the forum or ingame :smiley: )

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I’ll answer my self.
Latest version of proton works out of the box now and battleye too, even with funcom launcher.
CoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCool :smiley:

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