Linux Gaming and Battleye Anti-Cheat Support

I will speak directly and with respect to the developers of this game, we all know that the game works great on Windows, but Linux gaming is not standing still either. Not so long ago, Epic Games announced full support for easy anti-cheat for Linux, actually the question to the developers of this game, will you include support for BattleEye? This would give an increase in the audience and from other GNU systems.
Because of this, I’m only sitting on Windows, if Linux supported the battleye in your game - natively or through a proton, I would have left Windows long ago.

please tell me if you are planning to expand your boundaries for other systems?

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It apparently is just an email away for it to be supported in Proton!
(apparently I can’t include links, but there is a conversation about it over on gamingonlinux’s page.

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