Steel & Hardened Steel DLC Weapons and Armors

I’m a fan of the added content packs, but I’d like to see more utility of them in the form of mid-game weapons and armors so that they don’t lose their value half-way through the game.

Maybe this could be done via a mod (no modding skills to speak of here).

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You might be interested in the new version of Fashionist Mod - it’s currently available as a test version (I’ve had no stability problems from it so far, for what that’s worth). Not only does it allow you to essentially re-skin your armour, and change the appearances of crafter thralls (like the main version of the mod that’s already out), but this new version also adds the ability to reskin your weapons (and follower thralls’ armours) - so you can eg wield a hardened steel sword, but have it appear to be an Aquilonian sword.

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