Still bugged on exiting

I’ve lost part of my building, and my legendary weapons and tools on my quick tool bar wheel, greater animals, tralls loose weapons and food. My tear 4 smelter trall lost his clothes and his hair changed from bald to long white hair. The big statues by the river disappeared. Basically its a mess. Oh and i no longer have any building options, i own all the different packs but cant build anything but hatch frames and hatch door in stonebrick and insulated wood thats it. Hundreds of hours on base and cant do anything now.

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Welcome to the Forum. I assume you are playing offline line. Perhaps reinstall the game

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Can you share more details of the situation?

Is your console on a wired or wireless connection?

Can you share with us how old the current save you’re playing is, and can you give us an estimate on how much you’ve built so far?

When you finish your play session, do you usually leave the game on stand-by or do you completely exit it?

We await your reply.

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