Still can not log in

After the last update and following patch on 9.13.19

I could not log on to the servers i was playing on. I got so frustrated with the game and Funcom that i uninstalled the game.
Here it is the 5th of October and i decide to give it another try. Reinstalled the game and guess what, still can not log on the the servers.

I posted what the problem was before the patch on the 13th. I got a response from someone stating that, we are aware of the problem but, it will not be in the patch on thec13th. Ok, that is fine but, it has been more than enough time to fix the issue and release another patch.

Why has it not been fixed yet??? Why must customers like me and onyone else with the same issue have to loose hundreds of hrs of work put into the game with zero compensation? Just because Funcom will not fix the problems.

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There is a patch coming in this week to fix many crash and lag issues and improvements of inventory usage to help stable the game or that is what I was last told it was this week so it maybe will be fixed depending on your problem but you have not posted what was wrong so I can only help so much

Hello @Ealnyin, we’ll need you to share additional information in order to be able to assist with your particular case.

What’s your current internet speed, the ping you get to the servers you play on, and are you connected through wired or wireless?

Have you tried running a network connection test in Xbox settings, and to start a singleplayer session, allowing it to fully load, exit to the menu and then trying to log into a server?

That is the link to the topic about the issue.

You already know what the problem is, just fix it. A month+ is unacceptable in any game, when it comes to game breaking bugs.

If it were on PC, it would have been fixed withing a day or two…Oh wait, it was…

The issue reported in that topic has been fixed on the latest Test Live update, which should land on PC and Consoles soon.

Several other major crashes and issues have already been addressed as well in previous hot fixes, for both PC and Consoles.

This current topic states that you’re unable to login, so we’ll need additional information as requested in the previous reply in order to further assist you.

Unable to log in due to crafting 7k twine. It crashes the game when trying to log in. What else can i say, the login problem has not magically changed so, there is no other information that can be provided.

Can you confirm that you’re unable to login even after updating to the latest version?

Have you tried the proposed suggestions in the second reply to this thread?

Confirmed, unable to log in.

After the 09.13.19 patch, I uninstalled the game. (No since having unplayable game installed)
On 10.04.19, i reinstalled, to give it another try. Still unable to log in.
As it trys to log in, i can here the crafting of the twine starting, then it crashes to Home Screen. All i see is the loading screen before the crash, i never make it past there.

Does it only occur in the server where you were crafting prior to the first crash?

Do you have any friend on your server that can kill your character so that it respawns and breaks that loop?

Tested on multiple online servers. Each server that i have started crafting multiple Twine (2k plus), the game will crash and i will be unable to log back in
It will continuously crash during loading.
Can not have character kill fue to player not staying in game.

Why would you go and do it on another server if you knew it broke your character previously :woman_shrugging: Your character should have done crafting the twine now anyway … it still crafts when you log out

Thank you for the additional details, we’re going to look into this matter further.

To test the problem and make sure it was the twine that was causing the problem.

As for it finishing, the bug that crashes the game also stops the crafting. When trying to relog, it will start the crafting again causing it to crash again.

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