Still cant login

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
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[still cant login to your broken game after you patch it ]

I log in wait for a broken load screen then desktop
Dont know what eles you want

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Well guess no fix or login fix either
Woot i wasted another 30 bucks for unplayable broken game .
May i have another , oh yes thank you more please

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Hello @Narruc, we’ll need a few additional details in order to assist you.

Does the game only crash when trying to login to online servers, or are you able to start a single player session?

If it only affects online play, please try to load up an offline single player game and, after fully loading that session, immediately disconnect from it and start up your online session.

Also, could you try running the network connection test in Xbox settings?

If the above fails, we suggest reinstalling the game as something could’ve gone wrong with the updating process.

Game crash on online , yes i can start a single player game , and i did all that , and your login is broken .

That single player kill your self then log out and then log back into multi player is a way of saying were not going to fix it . SO FIX It , or give me my 30 bucks and u get your broken game back


Loging into single player noLONGER works i get desktop , your login is broken after you patch it , i didnt have a problem untill your patch . Its your Coding your game i didnt make the game and your blaming me for breaking your game . Cause had i work for u , i would have tested my work before uploading but from what i see now is u dont test anything , you all should be fired

Yep uninstall the game dude i did everything on your list and CANT login

This is pointless . Nothing going to get fix am out 30 bucks and we r just going send heated message back and forth with nothing getting done

Well i can not play i cant even log into multi player . Were should i send my cd of the game to get my money back or should i just file a complant with the BBB

No help again today

There 90 post about people not able to log in . Or crashing to desktop , and your saying its are problem and need to reinstall the game cause of bad updating . ???


So i just deleted my save data files on , uninstalled the game , shut down xbox , restarted xbox , started conan , loged in single player kill myself loged out , loged into multi player load bar starts moving and then wham bam you got it Desktop . Its your end not mine . I rest my case

Hi, I and many people are in the same situation, the game closes 20 times in a row, and even once inside playing for a while, the game also closes, we are frustrated by this situation, it all started after the update, we have reinstalled the game and we continue in them, thanks and I hope help

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This is my 3 try to play the game. Earlier I got in with no problem and played several hours. Stopped for dinner and now can’t get in. First try got an error in loading the game. Second two times got into the game then it crashed before we could do anything. The rest of my clan is having the same trouble. However they also report much the same fatal error in the single player instant. Hope you can fix this. There was no problem before the upgrade and new DLC. However for a while we were able to play but can’t get in now.

Our team is working hard as to provide a resolution to the issues some players are having with login and crashing, a hotfix should be released soon that will hopefully help in some instances.
Please make sure that you also send the crash reports whenever possible as the data they contain is useful for our developers.

We sincerely apologize for the frustration it has been causing.

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Bro I have the same problem this game trolling I get raid and the game crash and kick me all time is so bad we pay for a broken game

Sorry Hugo but, this is what we see by your comments…

Our team is working hard to correct the problem. But here is ANOTHER content update we have prepared instead of fixing the problems with the game. We know that it will cause even more problems but, we dont care.

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I have the same problem

Having same issues with my xbox. Tried all of the above fixes and nothing is helping!

I switched from PC to xbox to fix the issues of scrypters and other PC cheats.

Now I cant play on xbox due to random disconnection.

New xbox, only game on it, internet connection optimal, and even reinstalled the game after first issues.

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