Still no patch for xbox?

So the christmas passed by and we on consoles are still without the momentum patch.

I was not too surprised about, but nevertheless have to point this up. There was a big patch that brought horses but also momentum, several bugs (purge meter, workbenches etc…). The PC players got a fix on 13th. But we console players have to wait - through the holidays when I could have played more. But instead I have to play something else, because the momentary state is no fun for me.

Nevertheless have a good go into the new year. Maybe we meet then again.

Unfortunately updates and hotfixes can take longer for consoles because they need to go through cert. The holidays will slow down that process a lot unfortunately. I’m sorry for the trouble and know it’s something you’re waiting for. When we get an exact ETA or news on it, we’ll let ya’ll know.


In their defense, they don’t have much of a choice about it. The problem is that, unlike on the PC, they can’t just push out updates to the consoles. It requires ithey go through a re-certification process for both console platforms, which involves a third party (i.e.: Microsoft or Sony, depending).

Funcom has started staging releases so that new content is out for all platforms on the same day, but what they (and many other companies) are doing is holding back the release on the PC until the certification process has completed for the consoles they support. But when they need to push out interim updates, making PC players wait for fixes isn’t really fair to them.

I’m not sure if there’s a certain “fast track” certification process for critical issues, like something that got through certification but ends up crashing (like what was happening with some Xbox systems earlier), but for changes like this, we just get to wait.

And if something happens which causes the re-certification to fail, then they have to go back and start the whole process again. This happened last year on the Xbox with the ill-fated Halloween event which took them weeks to fix because they failed certification and had to go through it all again. That was probably the main reason they remain gun-shy about doing anything “event” related again. It was an unmitigated fiasco because when something goes sideways on a console (as it often can), they can’t just fix stuff on the fly.


Apologize accepted & appreciated.

But for me the holidays will have been gone without Conan, nevertheless. The point is, I lost almost a month now because of the horse patch. I am pretty sure many XBox Players would have preferred a Christmas with Conan without horses & DLC enjoying the free time to play than to have to look for another game not to lose this time. We know (I am sorry to say) that these big updates allways break the game more or less.

And as it is clear, that these certification needs so long on consoles, it would also be fair, not to bring this risk to us console players so short before holidays.

So thank you for taking care and have a nice sylvester party as well as a good & healty new year.


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Actually we got the patch too. My Xbox automatically downloaded it while I was sleeping on the 13th.

We got the hotfix to fix crashing, but not the patch for momentum based movement/other things that were fixed on pc. Fingers crossed that it comes out in the next week!

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