Patch 34 - for the Xbox?


The patch and updates look great for the PC and PS4. I think it was wise to roll all of them out in two batches.

Any idea when the xbox will see it?

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Based on light research I’ve done, I suspect you should see an Xbox update in a few days. PC doesn’t have a certification process, so once a patch is ready for deployment, it takes about an hour or two to hit Steam. PS4, depending on the country, could be as little as 1 day, or up to 5 days. Xbox it’s 5 days minimum, and Microsoft will restart that day counter if they find an issue they want addressed.


Thanks. That’s more guidance than I’ve ever seen officially. I’ll be waiting with sharpened steel, or at least an extra energy drink.


I’m not an official source, but last I heard via Jens, which was yesterday, both console versions were going through certification. Based on the fact that PS4 saw theirs today, means my light research is at least reasonably accurate. So, cross your fingers Microsoft doesn’t start the process over for whatever reason!


Official or not, at least it’s some sort of timetable. Granted, a best guess, but very appreciated.


Well it’s the weekend so no patch till Monday I guess!


Thank you Multigun.
I dont finde ho Jens say this, were i must look at it. Becouse im interesting too red it ant translate it and can show my friends maybe dan all my friend com back to the game.
Thank you.


I’m on my phone, but hopefully this works.


Thank you i show my Friends.
have a good Day.


Jens confirmed the patch for later this week.


Thanks. That’s great news. I’m going bonkers (in a good way) seeing all of the discussion threads about the update.

I appreciate the heads up.

Thanks and thanks to the developers for all of their hard work and long hours.


The Xbox Build is in final checks in the Cert Submission so we should be able to patch this week for sure. :slight_smile:
Sorry for the delay, it’s definitely not on purpose.


Jens posted a thing (in addition to what Tascha just reported on) with Xbox details yesterday. Has some info about patch sizes too in it. Linky


Thanks. Really looking forward to getting on and playing. Sorry if my initial post was a bit strong. I really do love the game and do appreciate the work y’all do.


No worries. I understand it’s frustrating to have to wait for updates.


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