Next Xbox One Patch Coming This Week

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to quickly let you know that we’re planning on rolling out Update 34 to Xbox One later this week. PC is getting Part 2 of the update today at 4pm CEST and then Xbox will get the full Update 34 later this week.

This will also include exploit fixes that were previously rolled out to PC and PS4.

Please note:

Previous Xbox patches have been on the larger side and we know this isn’t ideal for a lot of players. This is due to Granite, a software we use to compress and improve textures. Whenever we do a Granite “bake”, the Xbox patch tool thinks we’ve done more changes to the game than we actually have. This causes the large patch sizes. For the future we are making a remaster of the Xbox build image (replacing the launch one), which will requires that this patch is a one-time 55 GB download, after which each new patch should be smaller.

If we do nothing, then each new patch we make that touches textures in some way, will be 25+ GB every time.