Stones intended to be movable are disappearing on Sipter Island

Stones that were meant to move are disappearing.
This occurrence took place on Sipter Island.

Although these mobile stones are put in place, they vanish by the following day.
The surface where these stones were positioned remains intact, showing no signs of deterioration.
No form of eradication has transpired.
No records indicate any destruction or corrosion within the event log.
Is this an anomaly?
Alternatively, could someone else be engaged in deceitful activities?

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Welcome to the Forum. If you are talking about Transportation Stones decay is currently turned off on Siptah. That should not be the problem. Are you on pvp? If not must be some bug. @ONIGOROSHI

I am playing in PvP-C. is this a bug? When will it be fixed?

All decay is turned off on Siptah due to a bug present on Xbox and PC that causes players to crash in certain areas. Many of these players are unable to log back in. In order to the prevent their bases from decaying due to being unable to refresh, all Siptah servers have decay put on hold. No ETA has been announced for when decay will return.

If your transportory stones are disappearing right now, it’s likely a bug.

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