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[Free text]I waited a month for the music to be fixed,finally playing the game and more stuff is happening now.1)Now when i pan the camera up and down,my girl doesn’t look up or down,she just looks straight.2)When you go into 1st person and look down,her body is 2 feet in front of her,and i see completely through her,half her body is gone.3)Now that samething is happening again with harvesting a enemy,she jusr keeps swinging like she is chopping trees and can’t chop downwards.4)Finally,it’s been 5 months and i still have invisible,missing female ghosts ever since the pet system update.3 spots for the harlot ghost and the female ghost for the khitan dance emote at Algar’s Overlook,the stupid male is there,but not the female.All this really breaks the immersion and is really pathetic.Please fix this?

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Hello @Sofia77, thank you for sharing these issues with us, we’re sorry about the frustration they’ve been causing.

We’re aware of the first, second and third as they are in fact one single issue, and is it being investigated by our developers. There are a few workarounds that have worked with some users, such as re-logging into the game session and removing the bracelet / killing your character.

Regarding the invisible NPCs, could you specify if they never appeared in your current session or if it’s a random occurrence? Did it only happen with the female ghost at Algar’s Overlook?

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