Issues With The Character Model


One of the bigger issues of the game is the character model having a weird rendering or whatever you call it. These pictures show what I’m talking about. The body looks hollow and unfinished when you go into first person view and look down. Moving around is weird as well. In this view, your arms glitch through your body, but in normal view, everything’s fine.

The body not being correct also affects the clears throat breast physics. Reason why I’ve never really talked about this issue before because of that. lol. Thought it’d be awkward.

But one of the main issues with this problem is your character doesn’t look up or down when you rotate the camera, which affects the ability to harvest materials or corpses. Your character is like a plank of wood basically.

Only way to fix this, from what I know, is to die from someone else or to take off your bracelet, but a more permanent fix would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, we’re actually aware of this one and it’s currently pending investigation, but thank you for your input!

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