Character Model (Edit)

I know I’ve posted something like this before, but this will be in better quality.

It happens when you first boot up the game. Your body will be hollow.
Your character will be facing in a fixed position, and can’t look up or down, which can be a pain when harvesting bodies beneath you or smaller resources.
The breast physics don’t work. (Note: When moving left to right, when in first POV, the breasts tend to warp in unnatural ways. This is only after the issue is “resolved.”)
Death or calling in an avatar are the only two ways, I think, of fixing this issue.

Hello @Trappist01x, we’re aware of this issue and its being investigated by the developers.

In the meantime, having the character die can remedy the issue should you come across it, having the camera behave as in the screenshot you’ve shared is one of the ways to determine if the issue is currently active.

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