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Before 3.0 I would buy a dlc and it would be available on my multiple Xbox accounts/profiles

Some people have multiple for different reasons.

  1. Want to have a second character on a server for Rp or other reasons.

  2. Shared household console

  3. Perhaps avoiding harassment under a different profile. (not me but have heard)

Now if you buy an item on the store it’s limited to that account. You can’t even share it with your own profiles. And so you end up using the exact same credit card to purchase the exact same item so the other profile can access it because you can’t share with yourself. And again, Dlcs didn’t have an issue with this.

Personally, if I buy something then I should have access to that item/s on any profile I’m using on my Xbox. I’m assuming it’s the same for PlayStation.

I would like to share items with players that are economically unable to pay for items too. But I do understand the business decision. Though I do wish I could.

That said, I support this micro transaction revenue in hopes it furthers the Conan experience and many further updates for the incredible dedication the team has done.

So again thank you and I support this but I don’t support having to double triple buy the same item so my accounts have access to it.

Thanks! And thanks again for the dedication on 3.0

But at the very least my multiple Xbox accounts should be able to access those items bought on one profile or shareable on those profiles.

No comments which surprises me.

I know people with multiple accounts in a household and now they can’t have different characters on the same server unless they purchase the stuff again.

So now safe household having to double and triple pay.

Well it’s hard to put anything more constructive than ‘it sucks’. I myself have retired my secondary account for anything except checking/refreshing decay timers (which is rarely worth the effort of relogging on Steam).

It’s all part of the new (to CE if not the industry at large) paradigm where you never actually buy anything, you just rent it for an undefined period, which the company can terminate at any time and for any reason, or no reason, at their discretion and your sole recourse is a negative review :person_shrugging:


I mean… isn’t that the beauty of digital goods? :smiley:
I always used to say that software development has this in common with the “worlds oldest profession” - that you can sell the same thing multiple times to multiple people…


…and you’d better be damn sure to pick your employer(s) well or it’ll eat your soul. Yes, quite!

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I understand and support monetization for the continued evolution of Conan. Although I do feel the prices are steep for what you get at times. Albeit I’ve purchased out of support a lot.

I am disappointed in Funcom over this one.

This has become even a bigger money grab. Didn’t realize just how impactful it is to some shared accounts. Certainly made me park my other accounted so in effect in killed half the game.

Money > Player experience

(Give us more)

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Yea, I eventually bought the battle pass, but only because there was an equal amount crom coin pack.

Had they done the same evil trick and made it cost 1201 or more so I have to buy the higher package I would’ve avoided that too :stuck_out_tongue:

I will also try not to buy stuff from the bazaar until I see some reasonably cheap prices.

On top of it I also hate the fact that prices are in dollars… can only use actual steam wallet funds to purchase and not for example paypal… which means I’m getting hit with a double currency conversion plus the inconvenience of having to complete a separate purchase through steam (to credit funds to the wallet), so this whole process makes it even worse… and Funcom is not a charity organization so I’m not afraid they’ll starve to death yet, which means I’ll avoid it till it becomes a more pleasant experience :smiley:

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