Storm doesn't spawn on Siptah gportal server (ps)

Game mode: [ Online private ]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ PvP ]
Region: [ US ]
Hardware: [ PS4 original]

Bug Description:

After initially spawning every 2 hours, the storm no longer spawns on the map.

Expected Behavior:

*The default settings are for the storm to spawn every 2 hours. Once I realized this wasn’t happening anymore, I updated the settings to spawn every 2.5 hours during a specified window, still doesn’t spawn. I expect the storm to spawn as dictated in the settings:

Storm settings on gportal PS4 server Storm settings on gportal PS4 server - Album on Imgur

Steps to Reproduce:

Boot server to Siptah, observe that the storm stops spawning after a week or so.

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