Storm glas hatch door, do not break after 400 explosives arrows?

Please help … Officlal pvp server eu pc.

Bug? Exploit?

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I climb, then release, hammer and screenshot! damage 11 500 on 35 000, 200 explosives arrows by waiting 5 seconds every each arrows. Then 200 explosives arrows. Half an hour, crazy.

I will test in single player.

There’s no damage animation on certain DLCs like Arena, is it the case that Storm shows no “burst?” Because with how it’s beveled up there it’s possible you have 25 hatches to blow through.

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Can You please make video instead of screenshot that shows absolutely nothing?
Are You sure it was raid window?
Are You sure there’s no god bubble?

If You are sure it may be exploit, door stacking / hatch stacking but wasn’t that fixed already? :confused:

EDIT: It’s easy to record videos if you have nvidia experience and shadowplay.

I have test in single player and have the solution.

Explosive arrows do not do damage now when exploding, but the fire do 1 250 damage in 35 seconds. This has change!

A hatch door like this will now take 16 minutes to destroy with one arrow avery 35 seconds :slight_smile: I will test tomorrow!

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The explosion damage was always non existent on explosive arrows alone. You need to combine it with poison arrows to create an explosion.


Yep. If you are offlining and don’t mind the wait, you should

  1. shoot poison arrow.
  2. Shoot Explosive arrow.
  3. Let fire burnout. @25 seconds. I think it does like 2000 dmg total per that way.

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