Story trailer and Congratulations

Good Day!
First, I want to congratulate you on the release, this is a great event for all of us. You have done an great job, and achieved an excellent result!
P.S. Forgive me for my English, I do not possess it well enough:)
Our team is engaged in creating RP servers for games, and now we are preparing a project for the Conan Exiles. During the month, i, and our team, worked on this video. This is the story trailer of our project. I am very glad that our thoughts on the plot and the LORE did not differ at the end, for I was very worried that I would write a story that would go against yours. Please watch this trailer, I hope you like it! I specially for this moment have registered English subtitles.
If you like, I would be very grateful if you would publish it.
Thank you very much for all that you have done, and I wish you move in the same direction.

Thank you for your time!)

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