Strange colors on Thralls in Set City , Pink?

Seems most of the thralls in Set City now are on the pink train, the Relic hunters vest are all pink. Really that has to be a bug right.

All the crafters outfits all have a pink or purple hue to them also

I mean I have nothing against pink but no on the Relic Hunters, just looks so wrong.

Colors are great but not pink on what is suppose to be the bad ■■■■■ treasure hunters.

How dare you tell them they cant wear what they want! =p

I think this may have been a bug before testlive, someone had screenshots of them spawning with purple also, it was somewhere on these forums, like a day or two ago =D Definately gotta be a bug though but alsooo players said they wanted more randomness so xD

I could get behind this being an actual change, maybe not the bright as pink (I don’t mind it but I see why alot wouldn’t) but them spawning with different coloured clothing =D

yup, appears to be a bug or rather unintended test feature that made it’s way to hotfix
I saw lime green too

Hello everyone,

We’ve passed this over to the rest of the team for further investigation. Hopefully the team can dig up some more information about what happened with these thralls.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


At the Mounds of the dead those MANLY ALPHA MALE MEN also wear some pink. Kinda funny.
But helps see them better especially when it rains or getting dark.
But it’s in the live version too.

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