Stray cat taming

Hi :slight_smile:

So i picked up stray cats in Sepermeru.
How and where do you tame them?
Do they need to be tamed at all?

regular animal pen from what i saw.

In the animal pen with savory meat worked for me. Despite the description saying they like fish, they don’t actually use it in the animal pen to tame. Odd.

OMG. We can have cat pets now!?!?!

But can it attack people? My house cat is going to F you up!

Yep, that worked for me!
Thank you :slight_smile:
I tried putting fish in the pen because of the description and nothing happened :laughing:

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I don’t know yet.
One of them got way more HP - 1452 instead of 298.
So maybe there are even greater cats?

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Seriously…the stupid things have minimal footprint so it’s not like you’re going to get stuck in a doorway with them…maybe I’ll take one out for a spin. See if it can take on a skeleton

True, Kitty won’t fat shame you :rofl:

They act like cats. Set one to follow you and they run as far from you as the tether will allow.
You forget they are following you till MEOW! :eyes:
Although it is cute when you give them a piece of meat and they set there grooming and purring.
It would be nice if they could be a passive defense, like distracting archers by rubbing on there ankles, or yowling at their feet. But I was really hoping for Ready Player One - IT'S F*CKING CHUCKY! Scene HD [LauTV] - YouTube And if you think that ain’t possible, let me introduce you to Johnny’s cat Firstblood.


True :joy:
I put mine on follow and never saw that kitty again :laughing:
Went fighting and it leveled, but i was nowhere near me.
Cats will always be cats :brown_heart:

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Let me tellya a story :older_man:

Years ago a freind of mine, Johnny, had this cat named “Firstblood”. Firstblood was his own farm cat, he came in when he decided to grace us with his presence. If he wanted attention he’d get in your lap, ignore him and he’d turn in to the biggest kitten, right up in your face, rub under your chin, “love me” :heart_eyes_cat:
But if you reach down to pet him as he walks by you could end up with a hand full to teeth and nails. One night Odis; yes very much like the Andy Griffith show Odis except skinny. Well he was all drunk and decided he was going to pet the kitty. Reached under the foot stool and drew back a white furry whirlwind. Finally manage to get the cat off his forearm but not before it looked like he reached in to a paper shredder.
Cat ran back under the foot stool. He screamed “I’m going to kill the cat” and reached under the foot stool with the left hand :man_facepalming:

I want that cat :grin:

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