Stream snipers - setting for hiding server names/numbers


Rust has a setting to not show server names when you press ESC to main menu, could we have the same please?

Can you please SUPPORT your game streamers comunity? Thanks. :smiley:


PS: this is not a suggestion, this is me asking YOU to support us streamers, so do not even think to move it to suggestions.

It’s not a suggestion, it’s kinda of an order :stuck_out_tongue:

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That is really needed for anyone streaming from an official PvP server, I second the request.

While I completely understand your stance here and I agree that this is a feature we should include as quickly as possible, it is simply not something that Funcom Customer Service can help you with in a Support Forum.

Please understand that I’ve passed this information on to our developers for their consideration, but this does not belong in Support.


No problem, I’m a trollish-joking kinda guy. :smiley:

Please think about implementing the feature in the long run as a low priority feature. Thank you for your time.

kinda confused…why would you want to hide your server?
dont want people to come over and challenge you?
dont want them to mess with you?
dont stream?
why would you need to stream?
put a sticker on your screen or a blur app to make a on screen blur to hide that tiny spot that tells your server

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I just stream without hiding anything and expect all my stuff to be blown up the next morning. I kind of got used to it, it pretty much comes with the territory of streaming a survival game.

It’s more work to attempt to hide stuff from stream snipers than just accept the fact you’re gonna lose your stuff if they wanna take it. I’m not gonna make two bases and hide one of them, I’m not gonna answer everyone that asks “what server are you on?” with “i can’t tell you”. If anyone plays on your official server they will recognize your name / steam name anyways.

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You do not hide your server to hide from people who are already playing on that server. You are hiding it from people who will join specific server because they think it would be fun to stream snipe.

I don’t think that option would be hard to get into a game and there are no downsides to it.

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Here is a thought, just remove the name over a players head and not allow anyone to see anyone’s character names unless you are in that player’s clan, this will fix any griefing due to the fact that without a name over someones head it makes a lot harder to target an individual.

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