Structure pieces disappearing

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ | Bug |]
Region: [USA]

I’m online playing and a clan mate noticed 4 chest lost stability and that it said I dismantled a ceiling they were on. I was no where near that location when this happened. Even more odd is the lootbag disappeared. It’s been over an hour half and the log still does not show the lootbag decaying, nor can we find it in any level of our base.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Hello @Cpt_insano, welcome to the forums!

Could you please share a few screenshots of the area where this happened and exactly how it was setup, including the event log messages as well?

I have screenshots but it wont let me upload since I’m new on here.

You should be able to post them now.

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Were you responsible for any of the dismantle events that are in the log?

… was that last stone ceiling that was dismantled in the log, (before the red decay list) the same ceiling thats missing from the pictures?

I was dismantling stuff in a different area at the time but no where near there.

Could you please also point out the area where you were dismantling stuff in?

Are you aware if you dismantled a ceiling of the same material/type when that one disappeared?

It was the same material. The location was roughly the equivalent of 16 wall heights down and a few floors over from the location. The screen shot isn’t great. The white circle is roughly where I was. The red is roughly where the ceiling in question was.

Thank you, we’ll register the occurence for our team to look into.

Lastly, are the buildings connected in any way through any sort of building piece?

No they are completely seperated.

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