Stuck at flame turret laser maze in Manticore 25 Orochi tower

The earlier obstacles – lazer maze alone, turrets – are easy but the timing of these turrets, which is hard to see from the doorway that’s the only safe place, coupled with the careful speed at which I have to move to get through the maze, seems to overlap in a way I can’t get past. I’m assuming it’s the same path as the first maze, and the first part apparently is, but I can’t get far enough to test that.

I’ve tried adjusting mouse resolution/speed too, but at any setting, it seems necesary to make a full stop in order to turn and that’s when I get nailed.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

No sprint, but learn to actually jog through the maze. It is a very tight fit either way. If you have a partner they can kinda run through it and let you in the backdoor, which obviously means no achivo.

From memory : it isn’t. You go to the right side of the front turret when the back turret starts turning its nozzle into the wall and continue almost in a straight path to the door once the front turret doesn’t block the path anymore.

That room took me many, many, many tries to get through.

What I finally did was that when I had got about 75% through and realized I would not be able to avoid the turrets any longer, I dashed forward through the lasers and just managed to hit the off-switch on the wall before I got killed.
When I got back, the turrets were still turned off, at which point it was easy to just walk through the maze.
No achievement obviousy, but at that point I really did not care.

Not how it was supposed to be done I am sure, but it did work.

I see how these approached work in principle but I still can’t do it. One thing I noticed if you try to walk slowly to avoid the lasers your arms go out to the side and can trigger the lasers, so it seems better to do with weapon equipped, which keeps your arms close in.

The kill is absolutely instant with protection turned up to 100%, 12000+hp, so there is no rushing through the defenses though there might have been at one time.

Thanks for the suggestions and any more are welcome. I will keep at it.

I found this youtube video that shows a solution. The flame turret part starts around timecode 3:25, and backing up while the flame from the second turret passes is clearly a key element.

Haven’t tried it yet but it looks very much like what without scratch suggests above. The first part of the maze IS the same but the second part is different! Or rather, there are two paths in the second half of the same maze. In the first instance with only lasers, the first path you get to, the further right one, leads to the exit and the left one leads to a locked door. In the flame turret maze, the left hand path leads to a door that opens, once you are past the turrets.

Update: I tried it and got through once but died in the end room, which the video also provides a good solution to. My problem seems to be not moving precisely. In the flamethrower maze the last leg requires two sharp turns right and left that have to be done very quickly in a narrow space between lasers, and I can only do it by chance one time in many.

I think this pretty much ends the story for me.

Two options: Strafe—so you don’t turn your camera but step left or right. Or get someone to help. I’ve done it many times and will happily do it again for you if you want. Poke me in game, name remains Starsmith. I’m on right now if you like.


Many thanks to Starsmith for your help in game. I have much to learn and am fortunate to have such talented, and especially patient, teachers!

Strafing helped too, in negotiating those narrow passages.


Glad to help! :smiley: