New Trap help please!

I’m trying to get past the first trap in-game; at the museum in Kingsmouth. Can anyome offer advice on how to get past it? I’ve moved so that I’m backwards to the beginning of the trap but that;s a far as it goes. Any other help/suggestions? Thasnks!

Don’t step in the red laser grid. Don’t step on the red laser beam. In the first room, go around the outer edge, starting to the right of the door. Do not step in the middle of the room.
In the second room, there’s a camera that shines a spotlight on the floor. It will move left to right, then right to left. Avoid stepping in the spotlight, but if you do, hide behind a box and let the spotlight move on. You’ll have to navigate to the light switch. (go middle to the other side of the room, then to the right wall from the door, the one with the spotlight, then move across the room on the little bridge to the light switch).
You should be able to complete the mission from there. Good luck!

You might have to adjust visual effects in the graphic options to see the lasers and/or the spotlight.