"The Ghosts and the Darkness" quest - Can't finish; dynamite troubles?

On the final stage of Ghosts and the Darkness (Tier 4/4, "Find and use Dynamite to locate Sam Wilson’s remains), I’m completely stuck. When I try to use dynamite on the blocked passage, I get the error message “This is not a proper location to make good use of this dynamite.” I’ve left the mine, logged out, dropped the dynamite, paused and restarted the quest multiple times. Any idea what could be wrong?

  • The dynamite is from the room full of dynamite, to the left of the entrance where you come in to the mine.
  • The passage I’m trying to blow is:
    ** Take a right at the entrance and head into the elevator room
    ** Exit the elevator room to the left (south) and continue south through the ledge room that overlooks the main level
    ** Angle east through a dark room full of dead machines
    ** Continue east through a mostly-empty dark room, and the pile of rubble is at the east end with a mission marker indicating this is the spot.
    ** The rubble in the passage is directly behind a lore node, Blue Ridge Mine #12.

Been tearing my hair out on this for two days. Thanks for any help!

Edit for posterity: The mission marker is a red herring. The correct location to dynamite is a short passage to the southeast of the big room where Billy’s corpse is stuck to a mine cart.

For clarification… Do you drop down to the main level, by walking off the ledge? The room below the ledge has a small dark tunnel, which is the one you are looking for.

Sounds to me like you passed by the ledge, and into the tunnel on that top level

No, I continue south through the ledge room.

You are correct about the rubble passage. Despite the mission marker pointing elsewhere, the correct location is short passage to the southeast of the big room where Billy’s corpse is stuck to a mine cart.

I wonder if its a misplaced marker, or a case of the two tunnels getting close enough to eachother, that it is easy to read wrong

Yeah that’s what I figured.