The Highfive Ghost


There is a ghost on i5 of map, on top of a huge rock formation. It does a T pose and jumps away to its doom. Can’t seem to see what this does, someone on reddit said there is a chest on the point of impact. I went down there and searched around the entire rock formation. There is a darfari camp, but nothing else. Unless the chest is the one in the camp? I didn’t actually see the ghost jump, (but I heard it “die”) so obviously I didn’t see where they landed.


Yesterday I found that spot you are talking about.
I set a bedroll and jumped over the cliff, several times, and all I did was follow Wile E. Coyote steps.


So you didn’t find anything either? I messed around there again today, the most I found were some bones on the point of impact, which I assume belong to the jumper.

I concur with the above. Just spent 15 mins looking at theres nothing I can see, I even ghosted into the rocks just to check. Zip!

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Is there a journal at the spot where the ghost made the jump?
Some ghosts just appear to indicate there is a journal nearby. Like the lady jumping from the hand of the maker.

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There isn’t, not that I found. Journals are also accompanied by the “interact” sound, which I did not hear.

Hey there,

Some ghost chests do not show up (or are not implemented). This was reported before by @SirBowen ; it’s possible this is one of those.

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You mean they’re not programed in, they were forgotten? That would make sense, as absolutely nothing is there.

Not related to this thread but…I found something else, without finding it. On the outer walls of the Nameless City there is a corpse with a journal. It says that he was escaping the living dead but could not take his treasure with him, so he hid it and jumped to his doom. I cannot find the treasure. It is however, possible that I haven’t searched enough, as the place is filled with strong ennemies. Anyone have a word on this? Sorry, I do not have the coordinates, will get them tomorrow, in case.

Are there any hints where the treasure is?

On the noob river a scroll can be found somewhere on the beach, which has some cryptic remarks about something buried under a rock shaped like the skull of a mammoth, but as of yet, no one seems to have found anything relating to this note.

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The only hint the guy gives in his notes is that his treasure was too heavy to take with him, and that if the finder can get to it, they’ve certainly earned it.

Never did find the note about the mammoth skull treasure.

have u tried having someone at the bottom when u activate the ghost up top?
might be a chest that disappears before u arrive from the top

Simply some work, some don’t and each patch to fix a issue has broken another. XD

Some of Ghosts had journals, other Journals had ghosts. Some work, some don’t.

Some just just you stuff. Likelady that leads to rock with pickaxe. (granted has a chest)
Or one that shows you to path to G. Tomb.
Or one that rocks climbs, No award. But with later patches, she no longer shows up.
Some point to chest sliding, other to a time event one.

As for T-pose. There may be missing Journal here about Darfari night raids, and how they gave up and leaped.

There are a few just missing journals or ghosts. Turn Sound up, and listen for the “Chest sound” popping up. Even if Chest doesn’t work. (under ground to far etc) you’ll here if there is a award. If your hearing just ghost encounter sound whole time.
Its often just a Journal near by, (not always “near near” it can be a good walk away facing area) or simply a ghost doing its thing.

I was making list of work and non working ones. Got side tracked…


:thinking: what does this mean? There’s no chests which are ‘off’ in location or only exist during a certain time period/event.


About the corpse who leaped by the no name city walls and hid his treasure before jumping, the coordinates are 5E. I also did find the chest, facing north it’s south west of the dead body, you will have to climb a little. (same coordinates)

So…can chests be “triggered” and then disappear if you don’t get to them in time? What is this, Gods? XD (old super nintendo video game)

Theres a few of these.

I’ll cover non-moving one.

Gods Sightspire, Climb main rock tower, As you get to top a duo of Ghosts pop up. And points across at other sandstone tower, and chest appears.

Another south Tower of Bat, way up top, that point to small ledge, And Another not to far east of Shattered basin. (south of wall, if you happen climb one rock face, Ghost will point to a chest alone Basin Wall.

Sliding ones Incur so far in Snow Area. 2 Along Western Snow mountains, One is not to far south of Lore stone. You have to be pretty far up. But you’ll catch two pointing ghosts, and a chest will be sliding down rock face. Another in mid mountains (past star gazers) One other who location I didn’t mark down.

There also bear at “ruins” already forgot name. If you follow ghost of bear you find one.

Also the dead corpse. Like one Riversend and east of Sanctuary ruins. Which have a swimmer who gets crossbowed and sinks. Which cause a chest to pop.


here one along newbie river, but I always forget to mark it. (who swim from south shore northward)

So far, most of them are decent, or have been fixed.

One at shattered Basin requires a elevator or stairs to quickly get down and climb up.
Godsspire last time I got it, require god mod to fall to bottom as quickly as you could and climb fast to get it.

Okay, so that means some of them are gitched. It’s not intentional that chests dissappear.

Oh and pointing ghosts…oops. I thought they were pointing at interesting locations, like the tower of bats. But they’re pointing at chests? Makes sense…I mean if you climbed up to the ghost near the bat tower…you probably discovered the tower already XD
Now I have to remember where all the ghosts were.

The chest do disappear, there timed events/awards. (most of them)

Depends on chest, like Bear and Swimmers, you’ll see it emerge from ground. And you have small amount of time grab it.


So perhaps the i5 ghost is just a really sneaky ninja chest and no one managed to get it?

But really, thank,you. :slight_smile: This information you shared has allowed me to go back to some ghosts and I did find chests, after all. And yeah…one slid away into the ground right after I looted it.
That…was weird. Leaving chests wtfuuuuuu

They didn’t seem to be praying, but it’s possible I missed rhe praying part? But I did go back a few times.
I did find another leaping ghost by the hand of the maker, but that one had a journal. This other ghost just has…nowt.