Strange Wandering Ghost?

So, I was just sitting there the other day. Or was it night? Time is a concept beyond me now with this game. Anyway. Grinding bone away and throwing fire into my furnace on my balcony area of my crafting stations.

I decided to reset my feats and make space for some new ones. Upon drinking the Yellow Lotus Potion, I hear this ghastly voice and this blue light flies past me. I was in my menus. I kinda started packing and quickly frightened turned the menu off and pulled my weapons out.

The blue light had shot down to the ground bellow (we have an elevator to get to our cliffside house) and kept moving on. I tried to focus on it. Look like a ghost that just kept walking after that across the other side of the river/shore and kind of up the hill slope until it vanished.

The location is 6 E/F, our base is just next to the Warren of Degenerates cave. As you look at the cave, its on those cliffs to the right. The ghost shot off to the path that goes in front of that opening that can be taken up to go to either the Tower of the Bats or the whole Iron Ore area, and off to that Dafari Camp after it (Fleshtearer Falls)… It was also day.

What? Was? That? I got excited to follow but couldn’t move (attribute reset). I popped the points back on, quickly climbed down, went off into the direction of the ghost, but to no avail. Shortly after night fell, and thats all she wrote.

Are there any wandering ghosts running around in the Exiles Lands? I have to say, this was so bloody cool. I’ve been in that area for a week now, over 30hrs I think, and it was the only time something like that happened. Anyone else ever had this experience? On any point on the map?

pffffff… ok. I found out what it was. I tried to recreate the situation. This time didnt drink the potion from the menu, threw it on the hotbar instead. Apparently there is some “energy” that flows out from you into a direction when doing so. Strange how I never noticed this before. This must be my 10th at least Lotus Potion I drank. Ok, mystery solved. I was breaking my head over this I was so keen on finding a wandering ghost and chasing it down to see where it went :smiley:

Which brings me to an idea then. Funcom, what about some wandering ghosts ey? :smiley:
I can say first hand personally that such an encounter made me really excited. They can be like rare random encounters that lead to treasure that is also random. Kind of like the meteor system. Maybe an exile once that tried to survive in these lands and was slain, with his/her ghost now wandering the lands aimlessly and back to his/her loot he/she had stashed away before death.


The Yellow Lotus Potion I think is somehow linked to the Dregs or maybe something to do with Valusia. Perhaps it might even have something to do with the religion of Yog. This is just speculation as I"ve noticed that blueish white ghost energy leaving the body heads in the direction of the dregs and happens to sound exactly like the audio during the sacrifice seen.

Nope. I’ve seen those things moving towards the barrow king. There are always some of them floating in front of the entrance (at least pre last patch).

That’s interesting. I wonder if there is some lore behind these energies going to these particular “demons” if I can use that word. I wonder if the same thing happens by other places of interest like. the witch queen or spider queen or reaper queen. Or even that place were we get the legion recipe.

Huh, interesting indeed. Yeah based on my positioning they are going towards the dregs for me too. Since drinking Yellow Lotus Potions becomes an occasional occurrence I will see if drinking it up someplace else if it makes a difference.

Some unfinished content then I presume? Hope it ties into something. Its quite interesting. I like little nuggets like this, adds more depth to the world.

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Imbibed an ice lotos potion yesterday, that energy-thing headed northwards in the direction of the Frost temple.

Yeah seeing a pattern here. Think they are probably “linked” to the energy of the land for main dungeon areas and sorts.

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