What is this strange light?

What is this light? It is moving fom the black galleon towards the mountain range in the west:

I saw this only once so far…

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I don’t know, but I do recall seeing something with regards to Age of Calamatious that might be this. Assuming you are using that mod.

No, it is a private server without any mods.

That seems the same “ghost” that goes out of our bodies after drinking a yellow potus potion, maybe someone drank it.

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When that happened I was alone on the server, and we do not have any cauldron near that place anyway.
Besides that, I never noticed something like that leaving my avatar’s body upon drinking the yellow lotus potion, but that may have to do with drinking YLP always Indoors…

Pretty sure it’s the USS Enterprise in orbit.


In that case I have bad news for you: it crashed into the mountain range.

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Hummmm, i’ve seem the ghost goes through walls and everything, always wandererd how distant it goes before it despawns.

Did we forget to mention that we added a new POI called Area 51?


That, or the particle animation when drinking alcohol, buff potions, or by scarfing up 5 crimson lotus powders. The particle animation will only appear (in most cases) for the consuming player. And if it ends up moving (travelling away), it will seemingly travel away forever. Like you can chase and follow it, and it doesn’t stop going.

While thinking through this, I am not sure if this is a client side effect, or a server side effect. Either way - it appears to do its immediate animation, but never seems to go away, finish, or dissipate. Because it doesn’t go away, I worry that this animation is potentially something that is looping, or is memory / CPU cycles expensive.

The OP image shows a couple of buffs, one of which that appears to be a drunk buff. If you wish to recreate, try imbibing more potions/spirits, and monitor the results.

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The buffs are the effect of a gold lotus potion. I will check the next time when I drink such a potion.

Maybe it’s the ghost of tsushima, it must have appeared with the Yamatai DLC.

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It’ll lead you somewhere :wink:

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It is hard to follow this light if it vanishes into the flank of a mountain…
Should I see it again, I’ll go into admin-mode and fly after it :wink:

For those of you who don’t know what this is this is the ghost light you get for drinking yellow lotus potions. There is a rumor that the yellow lotus ghost leads you to the unnamed city however i’ve yet to test this!

Also it should be noted that the crimson lotus potion also does that now! It may also lead you somewhere but i will have to test to find out if the rumors are true!

In my case it was a golden lotus potion…

Ah well i just took a few of them not far from the unnamed city and they all headed in that direction. From the look of the direction they are headed toward the map room there. So it seems the rumors are true.


Hummmm, interesting, but the map room? I thought it would lead to some place with a half buried chest or something.

Well, there is a chest in the room just before the maprroom, IIRC.

There are several locations where orbs such as this are known to appear. I’m sure someone can provide specific location references (I don’t recall details). But basically, if I recall correctly, they are often caused by car headlights broken up by trees that go through some atmospheric scattering.

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