Need help with manticore

what absolute sadist decided to pair trip wires and flame throwers in that way. I can get halfway through but I always either go too fast that I hit the lasers or I go too slow that the flame kills me. I imagine there’s got to be a safe space I can get to and let the flam pass me by but I can’t find it.

I find that i do this one best at a normal, out of combat, run speed (not sprint). If you look over on the wall that both flamethrowers touch at some point, you will notice that the burn marks from the two, have a small gap between them. Wait for the first Flamethrower to pass by the entrance, then follow it in, and wait at the burn mark it leaves on the wall. Wait for the other Flamethrower to pass by your position, using the gap as a marker to stay behind, then move as quickly as possible, without sprint, to the side door.

Moving from the scorch marks to the door, is where it will be tight. I believe it is possible to keep your camera pointed straight ahead (from where you entered the room), and just run sideways where needed, while still making it in time. It is slower, but you are less likely to run into a laser, because you didn’t turn the camera right around a corner.

It is very much possible to get through, but it takes a fair bit of timing. Best of Luck.


i finally managed to do it thank you.

Well done =), it’s without a doubt one of the nastier ones.

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