Stuck glitching in the air after jumping down when talos was ground pounding

It was Clay Talos, if it matters. The ground pounding send my toon (and some others) glitching in the air high above the platform. I could cast attacks but nothing would make the char move. Ms was 150, so pretty normal, it shouldn’t be caused by lag. After the talos got defeated, I received the completion quest, but was still unable to get down, finally got ported out.

My suspicion is that people hit by Upheaval while above a certain height (somewhere between the branch and above jump height from the platform) will be launched through the roof so to speak. I have tried jumping around in the Upheaval without reproducing this particular bug. Have heard of several people being thrown while dropping from the branch above.

Same happened to me too, up in the air - couldn’t’ come down
did /reset tho just in case it ported me out with a deserter
was able to go back down the branch again to join the fight

During events your connection to the servers is like the points in Who’s Line is it Anyways. My latency is usually around 50ms and I still experience tons of lag because the servers are so bogged down that they’re struggling to keep up and stuff gets process late which acts just like latency as far as the end user is concerned.