Ceiling and combat glitch GG, Teach me the glitch so that i can play till 8th may without being crazy

as i see, noone is getting banned for using exploits or glitches for now. its the official server.

with the ceiling login logout glitch, enemy came to my balcony (i farmed the mats for T3 fences but with the exploit they became useless) Q: do we have to build according to avoid the exploits? its OK i continue playing, i put foundation on the ceiling… i guess thats the solution…

with the exceptional acheronian spear he was rolling like laggy and damaging me. Q: do i have to run away when i see that enemy? ABSOLUTELY NO, i will fight and die with honor again and again.

I give 4-5 hours to farm all the mats needed to make a full armor weapon and regens… enemy use glitch and all my work gone!

Now i want to learn the roll cancel macro with heavy attacks or whatever it is, or how it is being made pls, so i can play the game till opening at 8th may.

Really im tired and angry
if we gonna talk about sometihng which is FAIR, i will use the glitch and lets see who can use the glitch better… at least this seems more fair for now… Officials, pls teach me the bug

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My advice ,chill out and wait for full realase because u waste time to tryhard on live servers right now , just wait a little bit more and enjoy the game after that :slight_smile:

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can we play Online at the test servers?

test servers are almost unplayable right now with the servers crashing every time someone comes into sight of an elephant/mammoth… I’ll be on single player to see some changes to the Relic Hunter city, but basically limiting any game time until launch so i don’t burn out from frustration. Combat changes are excellent, and thus it’s hard to go back to a Live build leftover from December.


Don’t ask for exploit explanations please.

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