Stuck in combat at The Sealed Gate PC (Solved)

I killed the first enemies at the beginning of the sealed gate without getting noticed, but i’m still in combat mode and can’t leave, nor quit combat. There are other enemies far away but they haven’t noticed me and aren’t alerted.

EDIT: Also, I can’t use mind control with Magnus. I have full skull/kill count but the mind control icon is grayed out, no visible skulls, just the icon it self is grayed out. And when I select it, it says that there are no targets to mind control, even though i’m positioned 3 squares away from a visible enemy.

EDIT: Solved it. I walked passed the first pack of enemies and listened to Plutonia’s speech, don’t know if this solved it or not? But I walked passed them as well and attacked two polis-bots that was hiding in a corner, top right of the map. After I defeated the robots, everything worked again.